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Ono is a Hawaiian word for delicious. 

We help you create memorable and delicious experiences for your business or in your home.



Kitchen consulting

Do you need to refresh your menu to stay relevant? Are you opening a new restaurant or changing your concept? Is there an opportunity for new equipment, procedures or staff training to bring efficiency to your kitchen? Our consulting services are customized to your unique needs. We’ll help you deliver a high quality and consistent dining experience.

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Private chef services

Whether you’re planning corporate team building, cooking lessons, a business dinner or a private dinner in your home, we consider your event from every creative angle and customize a menu for you and your budget. From family style feasts to plated seven-course meals, we'll work with you to ensure a successful event.

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Farm to Lable cook lifestyle clothing & aprons

Farm To Lable is one way we give back to the community. With every purchase of our "cook lifestyle" t-shirts, toques and aprons, 25% of the proceeds are donated to the BC Farmer's Market Nutrition Coupon Program. The program supports our neighbours and farmers by providing fresh, locally grown food to lower-income families and seniors across the province. 

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Vancouver Sun's Meet the Chef: TJ Conwi

"I want to cook food that creates an emotional connection when people eat it. Whether that’s recreating traditional dishes my mom or grandma used to cook for me back in Manila, or flavour combinations that remind me of food I ate in Hawaii on vacation, I love hearing people connect the food to a story. “Oh, this reminds me of that awesome dish I ate back when …”

Read the Q&A with TJ Conwi in the Vancouver Sun


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